• Nicole Kim

    a star drawn with my left hand

    rhythms of reality in IU’s “celebrity”

    February 25, 2021
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    Stepping into the departures terminal at SFO, my suitcase filled with various fermented Korean sauces and clothes I probably wouldn’t be wearing to Zoom University, I felt the same sense of relief wash over me that I’ve always experienced when I fly out to Providence. It had been almost nine months since I last made […]

    tea, coffee, and the dying day

    the namesake by jhumpa lahiri

    November 5, 2020
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    Returning to the Bay Area in the midst of the global pandemic, I dedicated a weekend to decluttering my room. Unlike my college dorm, where every mug and plant pot had been carefully deliberated over, my room at home was a haphazard constellation of objects: a globular mess of pasta and dried glue (my physics […]

    “these ever-blooming wounds”

    softness and strength in “postcolonial love poem”

    October 22, 2020
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    “The rain will eventually come, or not. Until then, we touch our bodies like wounds – the war never ended and somehow begins again.” – “Postcolonial Love Poem” by Natalie Diaz   I began my junior year at Brown, as per usual, with too many courses in my C@B cart and an overflowing wellspring of […]

    not your cultural reset

    imperializing attitudes in american k-pop culture

    September 18, 2020
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    This summer, amidst the global pandemic, I found refuge in three things: my iced Americanos, my canine and non-canine sisters, and Seventeen, the thirteen-member boy band that I love with all my heart. At the end of June, the Pledis Entertainment K-Pop group released their seventh mini album 헹가래 (Heng:garae). The Korean title conveniently describes […]