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michelle ng Trouble in the Galaxy

Trouble in the Galaxy

Navigating the nerd world as a woman of color

Standing outside the Anaheim Convention Center, I joked with my dad that one’s devotion is really tested by these sorts of things. It was barely 10 a.m., and the Southern California heat drew sweat from our foreheads. The doors to WonderCon (the precursor to the big kahuna, San Diego ComicCon) would not even open until…

Doris Liou22Asian American Slackers

Asian American Slackers

The model minority myth is a pain in the ass. Living with the pervasive misconception that Asians are submissive, assiduous, SAT-acing geniuses is enough strife, especially since the myth reinforces the denigration of Black and Latino Americans. Seeing this one-dimensional caricature of overachiever Asian Americans in pop culture adds insult to injury. With shows like…

Olivia Lord _black mirror_ color

The Disturbing Clairvoyance of Black Mirror

Technology’s scary future is already here

The images, characters, and neuroses that populate the pastel world of “Nosedive” are eerily familiar: Styled latte shots. Breezy captions. Hitting “post” as anxiety for social approval sinks in like teeth.   But season three’s first episode of Netflix Original series Black Mirror, released in October 2016, insists on interrogating the reality we know. For…

michelle ng The Enduring Relevance of American Born Chinese

On American Born Chinese

Graphic novel tackles growing up Asian in America

It’s been a frustrating past few weeks for Asian Americans in the media. The #whitewashedOUT hashtag, which gained traction last summer after major American movies set in Asia featured all-white leads, came to a boil again when a leaked script for Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan revealed a white love interest. Last week, the O’Reilly…

claribell wu stranger things

when a stranger calls

a simpler time raises goosebumps in netflix’s stranger things

The 80s have never truly left the American pop culture bloodstream. The period echoes everywhere from denim cuts to synth undercurrents in Top 40 songs. So in July, when Netflix dropped sci-fi horror phenomenon Stranger Things, a TV series set in 1983, it presented a world steeped in a recent past familiar even to those…