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A Good Vegan Place Is Hard To Find

A ranked guide to the best vegan-friendly places around Brown

Being vegan isn’t easy. Last semester I tried it on a rotating schedule—one vegan week every four weeks—and found it to be challenging. (For those wondering, of the three remaining weeks, I was vegetarian for two and had no restrictions for one.) I completely avoided encountering many of the challenges vegans face, especially since I…

mary oconnor review of lenny abrahams room dec 2 2015

we asked 42 post- editors what the meaning of life is

their responses will shock you!

Much like that guy in the back of your philosophy class, we here at Post- have a lot of opinions on the questions that really matter. This week, we discuss the meaning of life. Here’s to a meaningful semester–look out for us every Thursday!–Monica Chin, Managing Editor of Features CY: As part of an art…

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wine and whining

post- editors discuss traditions

As the holiday season approaches, we the Post- editors bring you our thoughts on traditions—any noteworthy traditions we and our families and friends might keep, how we feel about them, and the roles they play in our lives. Here’s to a festive and restful holiday season, and we’ll see you in 2016! —Monica Chin, Managing…


Editors’ Note

Dear readers, This week’s note is from all of us here at Post-. Doubtless many of you have read, or read about, the Herald’s “internal error.” Many voices have already weighed in. We condemn the two racist and factually incorrect columns that the Herald published this past week; however, we don’t want to take up…