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    post- editors discuss transitions

    September 15, 2016
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    Change is tough for all of us, no matter how much we prepare. This week, Brown students new and old adjust to new lives, and Post- editors bring you our thoughts on transitions, of all shapes and sizes. Best of luck with these hectic weeks, and keep an eye out every Thursday for your weekly […]

    all rhodes lead to providence

    editors on home

    March 24, 2016
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    Someone, at some point, apparently, said “Home is where the heart is.” This week, we asked Post- editors about their homes. Whether you’ll be spending your spring break at home, Brown, or elsewhere, we hope you have a relaxing and warm few days, and we’ll see you in two weeks! –Monica Chin, managing editor of […]

    post- happy hour

    i love friends

    March 17, 2016
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    Ernest Hemingway famously said: “Write drunk; edit sober.” This semester, Post-‘s staff is taking Hemingway’s advice to heart—or at least half of it. We’re bringing back a Post- tradition: Post- Happy Hour. Every so often, a member of Post-‘s staff will sit down with a drink (or two, or ten…) and respond to a prompt […]

    best picture speculations

    post- staff discusses this year’s academy award-nominated films

    February 25, 2016
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    THE BIG SHORT We’ve all seen dramas about big moments in history; half of this year’s Best Picture nominees tell us some version of a true story. These films make for compelling Oscar fare. “The Big Short”, though, is unique in that it tells us not about an episode we, as an American audience, heard […]

    coffee and conversation

    minus the coffee, minus the conversation

    September 24, 2015
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    As we roll into the first few weeks of our semester, the Post- editors have been musing on our goals for this year: hopes, dreams, bucket lists, whatever we’re looking forward to. Good luck to everyone embarking on this journey with us, however focused or aimless you may be! Here’s to a fulfilling, validating, relaxing, […]