• Quinn Matos

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    meta political action in poppy and childish gambino

    April 25, 2019
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    I was recently told in a mass email that, when engaging political issues at Brown, my options are either discourse or discourse. Thankfully, I am a productive member of the Brown community, so I have ample opportunity to engage in discourse. In fact, it seems to be all that I’m expected to do. According to […]


    Why Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD Was My Album of the Year

    November 30, 2018
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    “Rollin rollin rollin got me stargazing—psychedelics got me goin’ crazy.” The much anticipated release of Travis Scott’s 3rd album, ASTROWORLD, was a midsummer holiday to be celebrated with respect. Arizona iced teas, Backwoods rolling papers, and high school half-friends packed into my mom’s minivan. Though we’d barely interacted since college began, the occasion was momentous […]