sara al-salem

jenice kim fading


A bad firework show in the middle of nowhere

It’s only in these moments that I have something to say, but these moments say the same thing every time. I don’t have anything new to tell you, and I wish I did, but in these moments I fade so quickly I lose the words to describe how obliterating they are. I’ve spent so many…

doris Liou 22Twenty Seven Beauty Marks22

27 Beauty Marks

to love and be loved

When you were 14 years old, you counted 27 beauty marks on your body. You told yourself that you would one day find someone who knew this number by heart, and they would tell you that their favorites were the ones scattered haphazardly across your face (the same marks that got you teased in the…


So You Built a Small House

  Your loneliness has become all-consuming. You love being alone, but this loneliness doesn’t feel like a choice. This loneliness feels like abandonment, rejection, disgust—this loneliness tears you apart every night. A part of you thinks you chose this. But a bigger part of you knows this was always going to happen. You hold onto…

Jenice Kim missing yourself sep 28

missing yourself

for your sake, let it rattle

On medication, you are normal. On medication, you lose weight and smile more and get good grades. On medication, you impress yourself. On medication, you don’t have to rely on any friend or roommate or sibling. On medication, you take care of yourself. On medication, you change. You’re happy you’re not where you used to…

jenice kim green gloves feb 3rd 2016

green gloves

I have arms for them

Lately I’ve been thinking about what it means to be a good friend—or what it means to be a friend at all. I’ve specifically been thinking about how my idea of friendship has evolved since high school. Then, friendships were like families: You didn’t really have a say in them, so you were stuck with…