Sydney Lo


All Summer in a Day

leaving loneliness behind in Madrid

Madrid wakes slowly on Sunday. I walk through the winding alleys near plaza mayor, smiling politely as I pass elderly couples exiting churches and groups of friends returning home from Saturday-night adventures. The midday sun throws us all into shadows of the old, marigold-colored buildings. I drag a finger along their warm walls and move…

clarisse angkasa a place on the stage

a place on the stage

the thrill of a first visit

Endless reflective windows meld into crumbling brick walls, colored tarps cover construction sites, and LED advertisements illuminate a frigid night. The expanse of Manhattan unfurls its skyscraper-clad curtains and opens into my reality. I am swept into the giddy tourism, the excitement of a first visit. My expectations swell as names I’ve only seen on…


Oil on Canvas

“if i wait any longer i will never paint anything”

This is the chaotic splendor of my painting’s origin. From the windows that line up between our houses, I stare at the neighbors eating dinner, observe the thoughtless bites taken amidst conversation and the children rolling baby carrots around their plates. I have alternated between doing this and watching The Office reruns for the past…

jenice kim No I Still Cant Do Latte Art

No, I Still Can’t Do Latte Art

Reflections of a Barista

I stand in line for coffee in the Minneapolis airport, watching sinks fill with used dishes and steam pour into the air from the milk pitchers behind the counter. As each person steps up to the counter, I recite the recipes for  their drinks in my mind. Two shots of espresso, milk frothed until 120…