Tal Frieden


gender revealligator

nation-building in pink and blue

  Maybe you’ve seen them on your newsfeed—people cutting cakes, opening fake presents, shooting guns at tannerite explosive, all leading up to the magical ~reveal~, blue or pink. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re missing out. There’s an entire genre of videos dedicated to announcing the gender of an expecting couple’s newest…


cyborgs, not goddesses

illusions, erasure, and arja renell

On a chilly fall morning on the Schillerpromenade, a few performers clad in colorful, opaque hula skirts added some flavor to an otherwise gray day. While a purple creature played tag with neighborhood children and its green friend hugged passersby, patrons of Berlin Art Week gathered around Top Schillerpalais for “Protest Song Competition,” a featured…