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Making enough money to eat

And other things on my to-do list

I’ve spent the past nine weeks thinking about what I’ll do when I graduate. I began thinking about it on the third of August, when I received a job offer from Unnamed Large Telecommunications Company. I asked when they wanted my response, and they said they wanted it immediately. I said no, and then they…

peter herrara debate feb 3 2016

why I do debate

(not for my self-esteem)

I do college debate, and it’s a large part of my life. Since I do it competitively, it takes up a fair amount of mental real estate. I think about other activities in relation to debate, or about other ideas by forming analogies to debate. I think about other topics the way I think about…

jake reeves nuisance Ordinances black and white oct 13 2015 copy

nuisance ordinances

peace at a price

Dr. Gretchen Arnold is currently an assistant professor of sociology at Saint Louis University. She has been performing research on issues of violence against women for over 25 years and has been working with the domestic violence movement in St. Louis since the late 1980s. Yidi Wu: Can you explain what nuisance ordinances are for…

emma marguiles, TV shows, september 21

tony soprano

he’s a business, man

I love a good antihero. Let me explain what I don’t mean. I don’t mean that I like characters proportionally to how much they transgress (except for Claire Underwood), and I don’t especially like watching characters start out basically good and collapse into moral treachery. Walter White, for example, provides solid entertainment but doesn’t strike…

alice cao, how we see our own beauty, september 22

mirror, mirror

stop looking at me!

I have, on innumerable occasions, had friends tell me they did not think they were beautiful, or not beautiful enough. They wanted to eat less and exercise more. They were jealous of others’ appearances, and the life afforded by a lovely face. They thought that their relationships would be better if their partners found them…