Yidi Wu

Peter Herrara Fish In A Tree3_18_2015

two fish are in a tree

apropos of nothing

I never understand your stories, he said. They go like this: Two fish were in a tree. The first fish said to the other, how’s the weather outside today? Then I ask you, Why are they there? What is the meaning of the fish and the tree? Why not a monkey in a pond? Why…

Kwang Choi Boy Girl Friendship

friendship: a love story

truly, madly, with difficulty

Harry and Sally are two recent college graduates driving together to New York City from Chicago. During dinner, Harry tells Sally that she’s very attractive. Harry is romantically implicated with Sally’s friend, who had never told him Sally was so very attractive. Sally is caught off guard, and then outraged—there her friend is, and here…

Grace Sun featurette youth copy

kids these days

the risks we’ll take

A couple of weeks ago, someone six years older than I told me, “I don’t think kids these days really take risks anymore.” “What did the kids do when you were a young man, then, six whole years ago?” I asked. “We took some risks, right, but no one did crazy stuff then—or now—like they…

Madeleine Denman - featurette copy

secluded spaces

studying and solitude

The Manning Chapel is open at night. You can enter from the door off the Main Green and walk up the staircase on your left. It will be dark, but you’ll be able to turn the lights on once you reach the end of the pews. The RISD Art Museum is open until nine on…

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The Weight Debate

reflecting on reflections

“I liked that talk Sheryl Sandberg gave. D’you know, she’s gorgeous? I never realized!” “Hillary Clinton was fairly attractive when she was younger.” “Virginia Woolf has a face you could fall in love with, I think. Not conventional, but still, something about it.” I have said all of these with the utmost seriousness. In at…