michelle ng why i dont hate math

Why I Don’t Hate Math

in defense of everyone’s least favorite subject

What is an article about math doing in Arts & Culture? Math is terrible and I don’t want to read about it. My geometry teacher was so mean. She made us write stupid proofs about triangles. I hate triangles. I’ll never use math in my life. I’m bad at it anyway. If you’ve thought, said…

katie cafaro Negative Transaction at Lil Joes sep 28

negative transaction at lil joe’s

brown student responds to the haters

Subject: Re: Negative transaction at Lil Joe’s From: [administrator] <> Date: November 3, 2014 at 7:47:40 AM EST To: [student] <> Hello [student], On November 2 at 1:19am you purchased $6.54 worth of merchandise from Lil Joes convenience (see register receipt below).  The register communication was down at the time of the purchase, so your Bearbucks account…

ruth han it started with a swan sep 21

it started with a swan

the inflatable pool toy craze

Have you seen the shapes inflatable pool toys are taking these days? And the preteens that are posing with them? It seems like every zoo animal under the sun has been caricatured and set adrift in infinity pools across America. And not just real animals—fictional animals, too! Animals we wish were animals. From Montauk to…

Socorro Fernandez Garcia how to stop your desk from becoming a dungeon color sep 14 2016.png

dungeons and disk drives

transforming your desk from drab to fab

This summer, I participated in a month-and-a-half-long internship with an international law firm. Overall, I had a fantastic experience, and I got to meet a range of interesting people. However, having only finished my first year of college, I wasn’t qualified to do much, and as a result there were times I found myself incredibly…

katie cafaro outs and abouts

outs and abouts

The first scene of the 2012 web series The Outs bears a striking resemblance to the beginning of the 1924 novel Sodom and Gomorrah, the fourth volume of French writer Marcel Proust’s gargantuan 3,000-page work In Search of Lost Time. Both stories open with raucous gay sex followed by uncomfortable pillow talk and the swapping…