michelle ng smoke and mirrors illustration of trump supporter colored spring weekend

smoke and mirrors

10 years of thank you for smoking, donald trump, and the joke of american democracy

On February 13, the day Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died, small-time comedian Jake Flores tweeted out: “i’m starting to think that this is the last season of America and the writers are just going nuts.” Almost immediately the tweet went viral, garnering nearly 30,000 retweets and 37,000 likes. Clearly something about Flores’ tweet hit…

return of indie

return of the indies

a visit to providence’s books on the square

As a bookworm growing up in Evanston, Illinois, my favorite store to visit was an obscure hole-in-the-wall called Bookman’s Alley. True to its name, it was located in an alleyway between Panera Bread and Saville Flowers. You had to follow the creaking wooden sign with a hand pointing down the alleyway to reach the entrance….

stephanie zhou -round table on spoilers- feb 16 2016

spoiler alert

a conversation

This (spoiler-free!) conversation has been edited for clarity and length. Amy Andrews, Online managing editor: To get started, see let’s go around and talk about what you think constitutes a spoiler or what your personal definition of a spoiler is. Abby Muller, Arts and Culture managing editor: I generally think of spoilers as concrete details…

Mary Oconnor midnight in milan feb 17 2016

midnight in milan

an appreciative tour of a timeless city

When people think of Milan, they usually think of shopping, the gothic Duomo di Milano cathedral at the city’s center, and then more shopping. Milan is a city famous for its impeccable style and lauded for its timeless beauty that attracts countless tourists every year. In this increasingly commercialized, technology-oriented age, tourists jump from designer…

mithra Krishnan yoga apropriation feb 10 2016

The Hypocrisy of Om

Is yoga just another bout of cultural appropriation?

Patanjali, an Indian sage, first documented Yoga around 200 CE in his work Yoga Sutra, establishing the foundation for the nearly 2,000 years of yoga that has since followed. For Patanjali, the physical practice of “yoga” as we now know it was only a small part of his original spiritual doctrine. So how did a…