Emily Reif -femal climbers- nov 4 2015

the “female climber” dilemma

the paradoxical nature of recognizing “first female ascents”

In 2013, Chris Noble published “Women Who Dare, ” a collection of profiles of America’s 20 most inspiring women climbers. Falcon Guides, the publisher, called it “a celebration of feminine beauty, athleticism, wisdom and skill.” The compilation of so many anecdotal experiences paints a comprehensive, and inspirational, account of the trials and accomplishments of women…

jenice kim a summer in NYC oct 28 2015

dream city

on finding bubble tea and yourself in new york

This summer, I was determined to have an authentic New York experience. Wait, it gets better: I was a 21-year-old transplant from Houston who was determined to have this authentic New York experience while living in SoHo and working in investment banking. I turned up my nose at the idea of living in an overpriced…

emma marguiles blake livelys blog backup. oct 13 2015

a daydream deferred

a farewell to blake lively’s short-lived lifestyle blog

History remembers its quitters. Edward VIII threw away the throne for the woman he loved. Richard Nixon closed up shop before the storm rolled in. Sarah Palin was forced to forfeit her Arctic empire. Benedict gave way to Francis. MJ turned to baseball. And perhaps now with John Boehner leaving the Hill, the House will…

Emily Reif fake or fortune october 12 2015

fake or fortune

exposing the beauty and the ugly of the art world

One day in 1987, a man named Tony Varney decided to go fishing. His usual spot was a lonely riverbank in County Cork, Ireland. It was often empty, perhaps because of the area’s location beside a rubbish dump. On this day, Varney pulled up his car just outside of the dump, stepped out, and almost…

bev johnson, how we  use smartphones, color, october 7 2015

screen saver

leaving the pocket-sized world

A photo of three or four Brown students popped onto the projector screen during my Psychology and Philosophy of Happiness class last semester. The students in the picture, a few standing, others sitting, were in a loose circle on a patch of grass. My professor pointed out that they were connected and disconnected at the…