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    becoming caligari (or, the sound of silence)

    silent film, revisited

    October 29, 2015
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    In the early days of film, movie-watching was said to induce a kind of madness: “The hypnotic power of cinema could cause members of the audience to become anxious, or even lead to bodily harm,” said District Court Judge Albert Hellwig in 1916. This critique is not too far from those that modern critics level […]

    yes, mom, i’m doing my homework

    (and jamming to the founding fathers)

    October 8, 2015
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    Summer’s well and over, shopping period is behind us, and we’re coming up against the first round of midterms. It’s the rare one among us who genuinely has time for binge-watching whole seasons of shows or wandering through bookstores, pulling new series off the shelves. But, of course, we find time anyway—and stockpile for reading […]

    the caped croissant crusader

    crime-fighting pastry and social commentary

    October 8, 2015
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    A depressed croissant struggles to find meaning in the “upper-crust” life of bourgeois pastries. A lesbian Marxist chocolate croissant preaches revolution to the masses.  A violent junk food uprising threatens the hierarchical status quo of the pastry world. Sounds absurd? Welcome to the weird, wonderful world of “Croissant Man.” At a screening in Los Angeles […]

    jurassic world and the ivory-saurus

    a film of pygmalion proportions

    October 1, 2015
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    The story of Pygmalion is one of the oldest myths in the Western canon. He is also one of the original fuckboys. According to the myth (most famously transmitted through Ovid’s Metamorphoses), while in Cyprus Pygmalion witnesses the acts of the Propoetides, a group of prostitutes so perverse “they lost the power to blush.” Pygmalion […]