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From Brandenburg to Currywurst color Nayeon Woo

From Brandenburg to Currywurst

why Berlin has taught me so much

Berlin is a city that has seen an immeasurable amount of heartbreak, injustice, and death. From the brutal Nazi regime to the atrocities of the forced East-West divide, this city has endured its fair share of oppression and segregation. Yet, walking through its vibrant streets, flanked by the beauty of both classic buildings and modern…

IT Illustration

What doesn’t kill you, makes you older

the terror of “it”

The kids are not all right, can’t you see? Posters are everywhere in the town, so many, that the latest pleas for information cover up the faces that have vanished only a few months ago. There are whispers abound that Derry, Maine, has been cursed by God or by some ancient, supernatural force stretching all…


Back in the Saddle

Watching BoJack Horseman season four on Netflix

At the end of the third season of BoJack Horseman, the titular anthropomorphic horse/washed-up TV star seems at the end of his rope. Having indirectly caused the overdose of his former co-star, destroyed his relationship with his only loyal friend, and bottomed out on the artificial bravado that sustained him through a short-lived career renewal,…

dead taylors color

Character Assassination

Snakes, Narratives, and Taylor Swift

When “Look What You Made Me Do” dropped, I became convinced that there’s a distinct part of Taylor Swift that enjoys trolling her fans. For the third time in a row, she’s dropped a lead single that’s weird and obnoxious and annoying but also undeniably catchy, and half of me absolutely hates it, and the…


Brown’s 2017 Spring Weekend Playlist

a closer look at this year’s spring weekend performers

PRINCESS NOKIA Destiny Nicole Frasqueri has gone through a number of stage name changes, from Wavy Spice (which is a better name than Scary Spice) to the singular Destiny. Her latest incarnation goes by Princess Nokia, and she describes the persona as a representation of her “multi-dimensional aspects.” For a singer so concerned with questions…