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JT - Erica Klein

Cathartic Trash

make some space for the godawful justin timberlake album

Fun times in post-internet malaise: The big-pop album is not out for another week, in fact, it’s entombed in a mini-USB under Fort Knox, so while you wait, here’s all the disqualifying backlash strung together in a Twitter moment. Excited for Reputation? The roll-out’s been a misread of third-wave feminism. Taylor’s canceled. Younger Now sounds……

Interview with Professor James Kuzner - Clarissa Liu

The Professor of Love (Stories)

An interview with James Kuzner

To me, the very existence of Love Stories is baffling. It is an English class, taught every fall semester, that studies ambitious novels and tries to capture the vagaries of love. The class aspires to provide a structural means of thinking of love, yet the very essence of love resists structure. To me, love is…

beef barn - Lisa Fasol

Got Beef?

Your V-day date will never see this one coming…

“Apple pie without ice cream is like a hug without a kiss,” proclaims one of the many plaques that decorate the knotty pine walls of the Beef Barn. The apple pie at the Beef Barn comes without ice cream, but sometimes a hug without a kiss is what’s appropriate. And when apple pie tastes like…

Star Power - Eileen Holland (1)

Star Power

a play-by-play of sundance 2018

Over the first weekend of this year’s Sundance Film Festival in late January, three cradle-to-grave documentaries on cultural figures of near-religious obsession held center stage. Two of them, Susan Lacy’s probing but self-contradictory Jane Fonda in Five Acts and Marina Zenovich’s warm but glancing Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind, will soon air on HBO….

House of Fear - Becki Shu

House of Fear

not damaged, still scathed

The week I started reading House of Leaves, I found myself frightened by the static of my hair. I am not normally a paranoid person. However, halfway through the novel, while innocuously walking across my room, I felt a few hairs rise due to the static, and my immediate response was fear. Was this connected…