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The Post-mistress

a big city and a small town in the shadow of a great war

Priyanka Chatterjee Defining the genre of “chick lit” has always been murky territory. As it stands now, the stereotype involves a plucky young heroine who’s not as thin as she’d like to be, embroiled in the tangles of young urban professional life: dating, bosses from hell, martinis, and pantyhose. The Postmistress is not one of…


There’s Something About Sarah

behind brown’s obsessive crush on sarah ruhl

Students at Brown may differ in their opinions on structural violence, personal agency, and the heteronormative tendencies of post-Modernism, but there is a single inviolable rule that exists among the theater community: thou shalt not diss Sarah Ruhl. One of our most beloved alums, Sarah Ruhl received both her B.A. and M.F.A. in playwriting from…


A Gate at the Stairs

lorrie moore and the post 9/11 novel

A Gate at the Stairs, Lorrie Moore’s latest book, is a novel that encapsulates—in its plot, its aesthetics and even its reception—what it means to write fiction after September 11. Since that infamous day, much alarm has been raised regarding the state of fiction: Is it still possible to write a novel? Can fiction capture…