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Go Ask Alice

drunk in wonderland

My first taste of alcohol—and subsequent inebriation—was brought about by the most innocent of wishes. All I wanted was to be Alice. She chased fluffy white rabbits, she could grow taller and smaller (height has always been an issue for me) and she didn’t even need to pack a bag to go to new places….


Theatre in the Round

seeing an art form from multiple perspectives

The Brown campus is buzzing with stories about exciting summers working as an intern, assistant, or even project supervisor for some job that was somehow both very prestigious and intellectually stimulating. Many students ventured home for the chance at such an opportunity, but I found one here in Providence working as a Theatre Apprentice for…


The Man with the Curious Bandana

remembering david foster wallace

The signs were showing up everywhere: Michael Joyce coaching Sharapova at the U.S. Open; the hullaballoo over Franzen’s new piece of hysterical realism, “Freedom”; the lobster ravioli I ended up making late one night; and, finally, the SNOOTs signing up for copyediting at the activities fair.  I checked the Internet and the calendar, and, sure…


Making Bank From Facebook

the unanticipated financial fate

Perhaps you’ve heard of “the Facebook.” You may know it as “the poor woman’s Prospect & Meeting.” We kid. Calling Facebook a social phenomenon is like calling Russian Lit easy: it’s a bit of an understatement. The Web site is currently the second most visited in the world. It has revolutionized not only the Internet,…


Melancholy Play

uncle vanya at brown/trinity consortium

Forget that old train tunnel. Stop trying to get up the bell tower. The best-kept secret in Providence is just a 15 minute walk away: one of Brown’s graduate theater programs (officially, the “Brown/Trinity MFA Consortium”), based in the Pell Chafee Performance Center of the Trinity Repertory Company. Let’s get the important stuff out of…