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Talk about Talk

the secret diary of a stage actress

  Talking about Talk The secret diary of Emma Johnson     Friday, February 4 Dear Diary, Today I got cast in Talk.  Surprise of the century: I’m playing a man. It’s not even funny anymore! I thought I covered all bases to prevent this happening again—I wore my teeny-weeny skirt to the auditions, and when I read…

Neither Clean Nor Classy

roughing it at the Grand Canyon

“If you need to pee, do it at least 200 feet away from the trail and any running water. If you need to poop, the same rules apply, but you have to dig a hole six inches deep, and then fill it up afterward—I have a trowel you can borrow. Oh, yeah, if you use…

Going Against the Grain

Also, Vampires

Switch on your Kindle or iPad and a vast, unregulated bookstore is at your fingertips—the Wild West of the publishing industry. Traditional publishing houses dominate the realm of printed books, but online venues allow savvy, independent authors to work outside the system and self-publish e-books. Amanda Hocking is perhaps the most successful of these authors….

Defending Reality

jake gyllenhaal puts on a shirt

Well we’re right in the thick of them now, the post-Oscar/pre-summer cinematic doldrums. The time of year when studios often release those films they’re almost embarrassed to have produced, like Mars Needs Moms and the latest Mel Gibson tirade/movie. But it’s also the prime time for those genre flicks that might just be a little too…

Lost in Translation

La maladie de l’ignorance et de l’insularité

  The success of Stieg Larsson’s books is just an exception, not the rule. Fueled by the appeal of its badass, dragon-tattooed heroine, the Swedish author’s Millennium trilogy has sold over six million copies in the United States—a remarkable figure for a translated work. Average Americans rarely venture beyond James Patterson novels in their literary pursuits, much…