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A Little Less Gleeful

sophomore slumping

Schuester’s hair isn’t as curly. Rachel’s star isn’t nearly as bright. And Brittany is, dare I say it, smarter? Along with our 2013ers, Glee is hardcore sophomore slumping. Where are Sue’s slaying one-liners? What’s with all the violence and alcohol? In the 15 episodes of Season Two, has anything even happened? Before our very eyes, Glee has…

post shakespeare

Wills Sans Frills

Shakespeare Gets Weird

When you think Shakespeare, you think frills, ruffles, sword fights, tights. Men in tights, that is. But two productions of Shakespeare on campus, which were in the works while Post- took its brief vacation last week, have forgone the traditional in favor of the unexpected. At a performance of one of these plays, you might be the only audience member.  You…


And the Oscar Goes To…

the 83rd annual snoozefest

That most joyous time of year has come and gone, when friends and family all gather ’round the television to celebrate one of America’s most respected and culturally resonant institutions. No, not the Dancing With the Stars finale–I’m talking about the Oscars. Sunday’s Academy Awards were, on par with tradition, a snooze-fest. Certainly, part of…

Haunted Homeland

stories from a divided Kashmir

I grew up in India, where Kashmir is a constant, heartbreaking presence. I would read news reports of stone throwing, deaths, and battles and feel a somewhat detached sorrow. After Basharat Peer’s book Curfewed Night won a prestigious nonfiction award in India, I was eager to read it. Not only does it offer an insider’s…


Girl Crazy

mash-up masters

Gregg Gillis could be a biomedical engineer. He graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a focus in tissue engineering. But after entering the workforce, working R&D on a project aimed at stimulating the inner ear to induce sleep, Gillis abruptly quit in May 2007. He had decided that his blossoming side-project, a musical “mash-up” experiment called “Girl Talk,” would be…