Arts and Culture


Anisha Sekar’s Food Revolution

the plight of culinary crusaders

Almost every Brown student cherishes romantic notions of taking off for some exotic corner of the world, sleeping in hostel after hostel with only a backpack. Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven, a memoir by Susan Jane Gilman ’86, could have been the fulfillment of those fantasies: Two Brown graduates, fresh from the New…


A Heightened Pitch

soccer as culture at the world cup

The young genre of “soccer studies” is a bit of an odd marriage: an academic approach born in ivory towers applied to a game so base and populist you can play it without hands. It attempts to trace the histories, politics, and identities of nations through their feet, whether it be American isolationism, German efficiency,…


Spring to the Stage

coming this break to a theatre near you

With offerings as diverse as bite-sized musicals, opera, and Chekhov, the Brown theatre scene has been on fire these past few weeks. But, alas, as March draws to an end, theatre-enthusiasts all over campus will be packing up their bags and bidding the stages a tearful farewell, fearing a dull and drama-deprived week ahead. But…


Bedroom Bandit

eroticizing college hill

Brown University is no stranger to popular culture. In movies like Varsity Blues and Outside Providence or television shows such as The O.C. and Family Guy, Brown has seen its fair share of the spotlight. It was only a matter of time before erotica was added to this prestigious portfolio. Our fine university should be…


Haute Culture

five ways to snobbify your opera-going evening

So, you and your friends are going to The Turn of the Screw, but you wish your whole operatic evening could just be a bit… more… snobby. We here at Brown Opera Productions understand your problem! Here are some tips on how to feel perfectly superior to everyone around you as you take in the…