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    finding coldness

    making sense of brain dumps

    April 8, 2021
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      In praise of coldness by Jane Hirshfield   “If you wish to move your reader,” Chekhov wrote, “you must write more coldly.”   Herakleitos recommended, “A dry soul is best.”   Flicking the page’s edge, I frowned at these two stanzas. From my experience and those of many of my friends who write, I […]

    batter up

    masculinity and athletics

    April 1, 2021
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    Fumbling past my brother’s legs, I slid between the driver’s and passenger sides of my dad’s white pickup truck, into a makeshift seat on top of the center console. The swarming summer heat mixed with pine air freshener and made my throat sting. On our way down the mountain, we wove through a canvas of […]

    Navigating Nerdiness

    Who am I in college?

    March 25, 2021
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    Last August, my best friend and I took our usual loop around the neighborhood. As the sun dipped below the horizon, we talked about our hopes for college. She would be leaving in a few weeks; I, like other Brown first-years, would be at home for the fall. But we spoke about the future like […]

    The More Loving One

    To the moon and back again

    March 18, 2021
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    The More Loving One By W. H. Auden Looking up at the stars, I know quite well That, for all they care, I can go to hell, But on earth indifference is the least We have to dread from man or beast.   How should we like it were stars to burn With a passion […]

    a hidden front

    racism in the pandemic from an asian perspective

    March 11, 2021
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    For the majority of the U.S. population, March marks a year since the beginning of the pandemic. For me, a Chinese international student studying in the States, the chaos began in early January, when news of COVID-19 was still just an internet punchline next to more pressing issues, and the rest of the world went […]