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    Hysterical realism, Morning Mail

    October 16, 2009
    article by Allison Zimmer

    Hysterical Realism: Brown students like to show off how much they know. Hence, the popularity of trivia nights, Janus forum lectures, and double and triple concentrations—you read that article in the BDH, right? So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that some of our favorite novelists—Zadie Smith, Jonathan Safran Foer, Thomas Pynchon—fall under […]

    Being disappointed with Barack Obama, Nice Slice, Ruth Simmons, Spandex, Macs

    October 16, 2009
    article by Marshall Katheder

    Being disappointed with Barack Obama:Yes, that’s right. Or leftist. Whatever. The obscene fervor with which Brown students rallied around Obama made sense. He’s young-ish so he’s cool-ish. But, most importantly for the Brown student, he’s the alternative candidate (at least externally). He’s a departure from the norm because of his race and his age. Eventually […]

    High-waisted skirts, Gillette fusion power, shopping period, spicy with, syntax

    October 16, 2009
    article by Alex Logan

    High-Waisted Skirts: No, no, no. NO. No. If we could rewrite Farenheit 451 and replace books with high-waisted everything, mom jeans, fixed-gear bikes and those stupid, shapeless, unflattering and clearly uncomfortable neo-Pilgrim post-pirate leather boot-shoes, and then make it reality, we would. Gillette Fusion Power: Like being at the helm of a nuclear submarine, shaving […]

    Blue Moon, BYOB, cockblocking, focaccia sandwiches

    October 16, 2009
    article by Ted Lamm

    Blue Moon: Much like Entourage, Facebook, college sweatshirts, paying attention to other people when they talk, soda, The OC, bachelor’s degrees, 2% milk, basketball, pencils, jobs and general independence, this is high atop our list of things that we enjoyed immensely our senior year of high school, but after three years have lost a certain […]

    More Than Able

    October 8, 2009
    article by

    Sarah Everhart Skeels was 23 when her life changed forever. Training for a triathlon, Skeels was riding her bicycle when she was hit by a car at an intersection. The 16-year-old driver did not see her, turned left, and collided with Skeels. She has been using a wheelchair ever since. “Your life does change. New […]