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    Going Greek

    brown embraces brotherly love

    November 13, 2009
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    Ian Gray’s bedroom is not what you would expect for a stereotypical frat boy.  Multicolored teacups hang from the wall.  On the desk lies a tea cozy and a selection of bags: Earl Grey, English breakfast, peppermint.  A keyboard lies propped in the corner and an American flag dominates one of the walls.  Opposite the […]

    The Major Dilemma

    losing concentration

    November 5, 2009
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    One of the visitors’ parking lots at Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood sits next to a giant wall painted to look like an ocean. The studio has its own water tower. And when he worked at Paramount, Scott Aversano ’91 could see palm trees from his office, which has gleaming wood floors and an electric-blue […]

    Creative by Design

    eggs, art, and RISD living

    October 29, 2009
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    A white jet stream slices through a robin’s-egg-blue sky and trails off with a curlicue. The silhouette of a cherry tree pierces the sky over College Hill, its blossoms not quite yet the magnificent pink they will become. Ben Noam sits on a yellow picnic blanket. The senior at the Rhode Island School of Design […]

    From Formal Dances to Facebook Friending

    in search of brown past, brown present, and the ever-elusive campus vibe

    October 22, 2009
    article by Kate Doyle

    Emma went off to high school this year, and I won’t pretend I haven’t been keeping tabs on her–just a little bit. These things are just so easy to follow these days—the new sophomore boyfriend, the long list of assigned schoolbooks she’s already come to loathe, the stunning array of swear words she’s taken to […]

    GMail, Celebrity Children, “Hegemony”

    Stuff Brown Students Like

    October 17, 2009
    article by Patrick Martin-Tuite

    Gmail It’s a widely known fact that everyone likes Gmail. Here at Brown University, though, we love Gmail more than anyone else. Consider this: can the normal Brown University student survive more than three hours without logging on to Gmail? The answer is no. All Brown students need to know immediately about course news, club events, […]