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    From Formal Dances to Facebook Friending

    in search of brown past, brown present, and the ever-elusive campus vibe

    October 22, 2009
    article by Kate Doyle

    Emma went off to high school this year, and I won’t pretend I haven’t been keeping tabs on her–just a little bit. These things are just so easy to follow these days—the new sophomore boyfriend, the long list of assigned schoolbooks she’s already come to loathe, the stunning array of swear words she’s taken to […]

    GMail, Celebrity Children, “Hegemony”

    Stuff Brown Students Like

    October 17, 2009
    article by Patrick Martin-Tuite

    Gmail It’s a widely known fact that everyone likes Gmail. Here at Brown University, though, we love Gmail more than anyone else. Consider this: can the normal Brown University student survive more than three hours without logging on to Gmail? The answer is no. All Brown students need to know immediately about course news, club events, […]

    Oatmeal, saying you’ll explore Providence, intending to go to lectures

    Stuff Brown Students Like

    October 16, 2009
    article by Ellen Cushing

    Oatmeal: This stuff has Brown stamped all over it: It’s cheap enough for even the brokest among us, it’s vegan/gluten-free/kosher and probably satisfies any other weird dietary restriction Brunonians like to inflict on themselves, it’s got that vaguely hippie vibe, and it’s practically begging to be stolen from the Ratty. Seriously, what’s not to love? […]

    Hysterical realism, Morning Mail

    Stuff Brown Students Like

    October 16, 2009
    article by Allison Zimmer

    Hysterical Realism: Brown students like to show off how much they know. Hence, the popularity of trivia nights, Janus forum lectures, and double and triple concentrations—you read that article in the BDH, right? So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that some of our favorite novelists—Zadie Smith, Jonathan Safran Foer, Thomas Pynchon—fall under […]

    Being disappointed with Barack Obama, Nice Slice, Ruth Simmons, Spandex, Macs

    Stuff Brown Students Like

    October 16, 2009
    article by Marshall Katheder

    Being disappointed with Barack Obama:Yes, that’s right. Or leftist. Whatever. The obscene fervor with which Brown students rallied around Obama made sense. He’s young-ish so he’s cool-ish. But, most importantly for the Brown student, he’s the alternative candidate (at least externally). He’s a departure from the norm because of his race and his age. Eventually […]