Sweet Home, New England

southern gal out of water

  Coming to Brown as a transfer student from the University of Virginia, I was worried I would be mistaken as a gun toting, Confederacy-loving Southerner. According to Brown’s Office of Institutional Research, students from the South make up only about 12% of this year’s entering class. Southern matriculation is on par with that of…

March Madness

Why won’t anyone just let me be their unpaid bitch!?

  The summer internship opportunity: When I told people the subject of my article, their responses gave me all the information I needed. One, especially, stood out: “Don’t do it.” Apparently, students are either tired of hearing about the internship search, or they just don’t care. It seems like at least once a month The New…

Are You Really Worth It?

defining our self-esteem at Brown

  American culture is saturated with  self-esteem messages. “Because you’re worth it,” L’Oreal’s longtime catchphrase, conveys the pervasive self-love mentality that has reached far beyond the beauty industry. It is undeniable that positive self-esteem has become a cultural obsession. This is especially the case in the United States where, according to Brown Professor of Psychology…


Do Legacies Get a Leg Up?

The college admissions process is broken and we don’t know how to fix it. Experts point fingers in every direction: “Generation Y is too entitled”; “Competition is too stiff”; “Demographic X is categorically less qualified than Demographic Y”—the list goes on. Ultimately, these same experts must either eschew their specialization and admit the system’s convoluted…


An Intellectual Kegger Down the Hill

friday night out at the athenaeum

Quick—where were you the second-to-last Friday night of fall semester? Pregaming with the bros, no doubt? Headed off to that SSDP “meeting”? Or perhaps just settling in for a cozy evening of Facebook stalking? (Don’t deny it. I know you commented on That Guy’s 533rd picture. How? Oh, it, um, popped up on my newsfeed.)…