Looking Through the Glass

is one building’s architecture enough to change the arts at brown?

The hat makes the man. It’s all about image. Or, to forgo cliché in favor of a little critical-intellectual precision, like the good Brown student I am, I’ll posit instead that the aesthetic creates the reality. That’s the theory, anyway (she said skeptically)—though I will say this: from the west-facing windows of the new Granoff…


Making Your Sunday School Teacher Queasy

femsex, msex, and the brown experience

As far as universities go, Brown seems to be as uniquely open as a college can get. While some schools feature basketball games or football tailgates as can’t-miss-this-before-you-graduate events, Brown infamously celebrates more uncommon activities in its array of campus traditions. Take, for example, The Female Sexuality Workshop. More commonly known as FemSex, this workshop…

Oh, the Absurdity

musings on winter break

Not that we don’t appreciate the parents, the sister or brother, the scruffy little dog, the familiar bed, the home-cooked meals, the childhood home—we just don’t need them 24-7. You know, ever, ever again.

“You All Have a Bomb Ass School Here. You’ve Got a Really Nice Library”

big boi comes to brown

When Big Boi’s latest,  Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty, came out this summer, diehard fans were finally rewarded after a four-year lull in OutKast studio work. The rest of us probably approached the album with a little more skepticism, and with good reason — Big Boi hasn’t been center stage for…

Hitting & Missing

my summer with the providence club scene

When you’re just shy of 21 and in Providence for the summer, nightlife options are scarce. And so it was that a few friends and I ventured into the wild unknown of Providence clubbing. The options were grim: that awkward party from Facebook where the jungle juice tastes like Robitussin. FishCo (so freshman year). Number…