Weeding Out the Opposition

the blunt facts about SSDP at brown

It comes with the opportunity to attend a prestigious Ivy League institution: the good grades, the top professors, the highly intellectual conversations of which we naturally partake on a daily basis, and the reputation on which we will, with a little luck, be able to cruise for the rest of our lives. Picture glossy brochure-worthy…


Not Comic

why comics are dropping the ball (point pen)

If I were visiting Brown, I might pick up The Brown Daily Herald to get a sense of the student voice. Maybe I would read a couple of articles to find out what is going on and, “Oh look,” I might say, “There are comics on the back page!” A second later I would realize…


learning the art of the accent

If judged by his looks, Thom Jones might be considered a bit of a hipster from downtown New York City, in a leather jacket, blue Chucks, dirty-washed jeans, and a hat to top off his outfit. But when Jones, the master of accents, opens his mouth, he transforms. The lobby of Brown-RISD Hillel, where he…

Banished From Brown

coping with mental illness at America’s happiest college

Brown may be ranked among the nation’s happiest colleges, but the truth is that life here isn’t always fun, games, and a cappella. Just like any other university, Brown has its fair share of troubled students—undergrads beset with either mental or physical illness (or sometimes both), who struggle to deal with their problems while fulfilling…

Sleeping With the Enemy

questioning the roommate questionnaire

Along with  parties, class selections and the prospect of new friendships, roommates are often the most anticipated part of a college freshman’s first fall on campus. For many students, sharing a living space the size of a large changing room with a random stranger is a new experience, one that can either forge a lifelong…