College is for Experimentation

under the microscope with student lab rats

A student we’ll call Thomas stood in a tiny room, smaller than a small dorm room, in the Biomed center, smoking a joint.  He was hooked up to heart rate and blood pressure monitors and was being observed through one-way window-mirrors. Thomas was taking part in a study on marijuana at Brown over the summer. …

Projecting Their V.O.I.C.E.

sarah kay & phil kaye spread the word

Sarah Kay ’10 steps onto the stage in the Salomon Center, brown eyes wide behind the frames of her glasses. She walks toward the microphone, skirt rustling softly as her feet come to a halt. Deliberately, she places her hands at her sides, opens her lips, and begins to speak. On this particular night, Sarah…

Spicy with Sustainability

eating locally at brown

You enter the V-Dub, a hungry college student with a gullet to fill—either with Caribbean stir-fry or tuna-spinach salad. You find yourself wholly unprepared for what lies ahead: the bread display with a dessert that sure doesn’t look like the promised “magic bars” and a 40-foot-long line for something a little more tasty than whatever…

Weeding Out the Opposition

the blunt facts about SSDP at brown

It comes with the opportunity to attend a prestigious Ivy League institution: the good grades, the top professors, the highly intellectual conversations of which we naturally partake on a daily basis, and the reputation on which we will, with a little luck, be able to cruise for the rest of our lives. Picture glossy brochure-worthy…


Not Comic

why comics are dropping the ball (point pen)

If I were visiting Brown, I might pick up The Brown Daily Herald to get a sense of the student voice. Maybe I would read a couple of articles to find out what is going on and, “Oh look,” I might say, “There are comics on the back page!” A second later I would realize…