Most Proposals

sage advice from brown’s sassiest satirists

Ask A Professional Writer Who’s Really Busy Right Now, Okay? Dear Jamie, I am a high school student and I am applying to college this year.  My schools are very competitive and I really want to stand out from other candidates.  I was wondering if you could give me some quick tips for improving my…

Just Say Yes

all the single walkers, please put your hands up

It’s only 9:30 pm and we’ve already been rejected 10 times. I turn to my partner and sigh, “It’s going to be a rough night.” Heads hung in shame and neon vests flashing, we shuffle away from the SciLi to seek more fertile pastures. The first half hour of our Safewalk shift usually starts this…

Fishing for a Fake

drink it down in brew-nonia

We probably all know at least one person at Brown who has—or has had—a fake ID. In fact, let’s be honest, many of us wouldn’t have to look much further than ourselves. Of course, underage drinking is not exactly breaking news, especially among college students. But combine Brown’s notoriously lax policies toward drinking, a practically…


R.O.T.C. revisited

This weekend, as most of us are heading home for Thanksgiving, Joy Joung’11 will be heading into the woods. She’ll have a protractor, a map, a compass, and a flashlight. Joung is currently the only Brown student enrolled in the University’s Reserve Officer Training Corps, and this weekend is her first weekend field training. Three…


Going Greek

brown embraces brotherly love

Ian Gray’s bedroom is not what you would expect for a stereotypical frat boy.  Multicolored teacups hang from the wall.  On the desk lies a tea cozy and a selection of bags: Earl Grey, English breakfast, peppermint.  A keyboard lies propped in the corner and an American flag dominates one of the walls.  Opposite the…