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    An Elegy: the Angell Street Beech

    April 29, 2018
    article by Elena Renken

    The 110-year-old Copper Beech tree towering over Sharpe House will see its last spring this year before it is felled to make room for the new Performing Arts Center. On Arbor Day, April 27, around 35 people clad in raincoats and huddled under umbrellas gathered in a wide ring around the tree to commemorate its […]

    Kids You’ll Meet in Your FYS

    April 27, 2018
    article by Augustus Kmetz

    The Show-Off Went to a private school like Phillips Exeter and won’t stop talking about it and their own supposed intelligence. Drops words like postmodernism willy-nilly just to grind  your gears. Definitely annoys the professor by being incredibly sycophantic yet supremely condescending at the same time. Hearing them talk makes you visibly wince, and they […]

    I Knit Blueno’s Scarf: the inside story

    April 26, 2018
    article by Willa Maxine Tracy

    One June evening two summers ago, my friend Baxter was walking me home when asked me, “Have you seen the teddy bear?” I hadn’t yet seen recently-installed the “Untitled Lamp/Bear” sculpture, and we took a detour through Ruth B. Simmons quad to take a look at it. The sculpture that would later be affectionately referred […]

    The People You Will Meet @Spring Weekend

    April 26, 2018
    article by Katie Brown

    The Girl Who Thinks This Is Coachella We all know this girl. She has on a very cute outfit. A patterned romper, maybe, or a bra reimagined as a crop top. Her makeup is on fleek, and her winged eyeliner almost hides the fact that her eyes are those of a dead person. She is […]

    What in Tarnation!: a look ahead at weird courses for fall 2018

    April 26, 2018
    article by Augustus Kmetz

    Defense Against the Dark Arts in the Ancient World Not only did Emma Watson go here, but we literally have a class called Defense Against the Dark Arts. It’s pretty obvious that Brown is the site of a massive underground conspiracy to hide a wizard college in plain sight. I mean, look at this lineup […]