Steadfast as Film Art

campion’s bright star is an understated, powerful romance

???½ When love is compared to butterflies, it can be hard to hold in the reflexive groan. In Bright Star, titled after one of John Keats’ most famous love poems, director Jane Campion sets up what seems like familiar territory: a romance at social odds between an upper-crust girl and an adorably unsuccessful Romantic poet….

Yearning 2 be Kinky

Dear Hardy Brothers, Although I have long had an active fantasy life, for too long now my sex life has been sub-par. I am interested in BDSM, and particularly choking during sex (both choking and being choked), but I have no idea how or where to start. How should this beginner rough things up? —Yearning…

Let’s Workshop It Out

literati and that pretentious lit-ass hustle

In 1903, the university began to embrace the discipline of creative writing—a separate and distinct area of expertise from social practice writing such as journalism and basic proficiency in language. According to D. G. Myers, whose book Elephants Teach is the first published history of creative writing, writing as art built upon social practice writing’s…

The Hardy Brothers: Happy Hunting

Dear Hardy Brothers, Now that I am an upperclasswoman, I can’t decide what to do: should I find myself a silver fox or play cougar and prey on some freshmeat? Confused, On the Prowl JOE: Sharpen your claws, but soften your paws, OP. It’s huntin’ time. Having been on the receiving end of some cougar…

You Are the Music While the Music Lasts

the post- playlist

A brief collection of tracks I’ve stumbled upon recently.  Some old, some new, some borrowed, and maybe even some blues.  But I’m not wedded to the idea of going it alone; send along a list of your own or a suggestion for mine to “Soul Raga” by Mehr Pooya On the off-chance that ’70s…