The (Sex)Lives of Others

an intimate look at space, surprises, and the sexile

Sex, perhaps especially in college, can become public in some unexpected ways. Case in point: my freshman year, Boy X and I were interrupted post-coitus by his roommate. Not that bad, right? Well, in tow were several other (very drunk) members of the athletic team both boys were on, and they proceeded to turn the…

Long Distance

notes on matthew shepard and the laramie project

My personal best long jump, recorded during my freshman year of high school, was seventeen feet, six inches—enough to win a bid to the state championship. I loved running and jumping: moving because I was moving me. I eventually eschewed track for theatre; I was tired of skittering my then-skinny twig legs around the world…

No More Casual Fridays

intimacy in the time of reality

This summer a friend introduced me to my new favorite acronym— HALT. It’s borrowed from Alcoholics Anonymous and the four letters stand for the four states in which we make our worst decisions: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. I’ve since used this rubric to check myself when I’m on the verge of making all manner of…

Steadfast as Film Art

campion’s bright star is an understated, powerful romance

???½ When love is compared to butterflies, it can be hard to hold in the reflexive groan. In Bright Star, titled after one of John Keats’ most famous love poems, director Jane Campion sets up what seems like familiar territory: a romance at social odds between an upper-crust girl and an adorably unsuccessful Romantic poet….

Yearning 2 be Kinky

Dear Hardy Brothers, Although I have long had an active fantasy life, for too long now my sex life has been sub-par. I am interested in BDSM, and particularly choking during sex (both choking and being choked), but I have no idea how or where to start. How should this beginner rough things up? —Yearning…