In Search of Lost Venues

A Guide to Finding Live Music in Providence

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards may have been arrested at T.F. Green Airport on charges of assault and obstructing police, and the Talking Heads may have first met while students at RISD, but the Providence music scene isn’t just about history. With a number of quality venues and many opportunities for local musicians, the Renaissance…

End of Summer Lit

There was a time when summer reading lists were not such a chore, back when my town library still had funding and used it to decorate the children’s section with construction paper dragons and cardboard Harry Potters. It was a time before literary guilt set in, before I worried about tackling lists or canons, and devoured everything in my sight.

Proud in the Audience

For some, even the slightest prospect of performing in public causes hidden sweat glands to open up and suddenly dispense themselves in places one would never expect to perspire. Up until the age of fifteen, I was not one of these people. I held various lead roles in elementary school theatre, and performed Christina and…

Book Review: Don’t Lets Go to The Dogs Tonight

Alexandra Fuller’s Don’t Lets Go To The Dogs Tonight (Random House) is a heartfelt memoir of an African childhood, told by a woman who no longer lives there. In the early 1970’s Fuller’s parents, an eccentric British couple, moved to a farm in Zimbabwe with their two daughters. Known as Rhodesia at the time, the…