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    nighttime in Providence

    springtime walking destinations

    March 18, 2021
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    Warmer weather has begun its initial descent upon Providence, and that means it’s time to start taking night walks (with friends, to be safe). Of course, some of y’all might have already found the joy of walking during the winter in order to cool down from studying too much—or stressing from not studying enough—but walks […]

    online treasures

    living in a virtual world

    March 11, 2021
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    We often talk––and complain––about how our lives are mostly online these days. There is not much we can change about that, except for taking breaks outside (especially since the weather is actually decent now). However, we can change the way we interact with the digital world we are forced to exist in. From Zoom classes […]

    what your favorite white shoes say about you

    a life analysis

    March 4, 2021
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    Almost everyone has them: a pair of trusty white shoes. Some of us have only one pair, some of us have multiple pairs, and sadly, some of us do not have any. In general, most students have that one pair of white shoes that they can always rely on for metaphorical rainy days (maybe not […]

    beating the mid-semester blues

    March 4, 2021
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    We’ve all been there. You’ve got a midterm tomorrow, a problem set today, and a paper due yesterday. We’re now in the thick of mid-semester, and with it, midterm season. Many of us are stressed, whether from the sheer volume of work or the added weight of being expected to perform under the immense pressure […]

    mentally in the 2000s

    a playlist to wipe the dust off of your old sony walkmans, ipods, and flip phones

    February 25, 2021
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    Now, more than ever, I—and perhaps yourself—feel constrained and emotionally drained by the predictability of daily life. Having so much time to ruminate has allowed me to further fuel my obsession with the aesthetic and culture of the early 2000s that, for me, always felt bright and hopeful in comparison to the current state of […]