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slice of heaven

crepes and friends

“Are you kidding me? It’s like a pocket full of goodness.” We are bent over four Nutella crepes, tucked inside the best hidden place in all of Providence: La Creperie on Fones Alley. Over the past few weeks, we have made our way through all of the Brown University staples, including Baja’s, Bagel Gourmet, and…

Jennifer Osborne, Julian Towers, Sydney Lo Article

why i left new york

love, loss, and thanksgiving

hard-boiled romance My freshman year of college, I would schlep down to New York City once a month to see a boy from high school. We had a great time going to the Met and eating oversized pizza. By the start of sophomore year, however, my trips had become more of a chore than anything…

Sydney Lo Article

YA fantasy meeting reality

moving past the page

The Brown University Bookstore smells of burnt espresso and cardboard boxes, half-emptied after the initial shopping period mayhem. With some free time before classes and nowhere better to be, I meander past the Bestsellers and the Newly Recommended, glancing out the windows at the metal scaffolding and orange plastic of Thayer Street’s recent construction. The…


thoughts in the clouds

retrieving memories from airports

  Airports make me feel a whirlwind of emotions. After flying around thirty flights within the past four years, mostly between my home city, Beijing, and my boarding high school near Boston, I have come to recognize airports as places for reflection. Since I traveled alone on most of these trips, I hatched my thoughts…


in the wake of kavanaugh

speaking up about sexual assualt

As a woman in America, the past weeks have been heavy and tiring. Some days, it feels like our own government, supposedly based in ideals of equality and opportunity for all, repeatedly tells specific groups of people that their basic rights, self-worth, and even survival do not matter. Governmental policies have shown blatant, even forceful…