A Winter Break Told Through Food

a winter break told through food

exploring hong kong’s food scene

Winter break may be over, but the fond memories of the food I ate during it remain. Nearly every winter break, I travel to Hong Kong to visit family and friends, recover from my mental exhaustion, and recuperate with a variety of authentic, delicious foods. My family lives close to a fresh seafood market (imagine…

Coffee with Russian

from nevsky to new dorm

making memories

More than two months after I left Saint Petersburg, I received a Facebook message from Dean, a former Brown University student with whom I had explored Russian art exhibitions and gallery openings. “Hey Rachel, will be in Prov in mid-September,” he’d written. I couldn’t believe my good fortune. After all, he wasn’t just a mentor—he…

post illustration

fall favorites

a semester’s worth of moments

A sunny Sunday—a morning in India Point Park, an afternoon kicking around a soccer ball, and an evening full of music and conversation. A late-night-turned-early-morning conversation more fun than the party we went to earlier that evening. Bingeing all of The Good Place Season 1 in a single day with my roommate while we downed…

Eating healthy during finals

thrive, don’t just survive

nutrition and balance during finals

Winter has come. The end of the semester is near; finals are just around the corner. Though final exams might determine your grades for your classes, the most important thing this winter season is your health. Here are some tips on nutrition, healthy eating habits, and work balance, so you can not only survive but…

Grace Wilkins article

a life fraught with living

a poem

In those rare minutes of true silence I sit and wonder why the good times seem to worsen all bad and battered things that follow in their wake Oh tell me you have felt that extra-bitter truth of losing love having known its sweetness Tell me, you too have torn the fruit tree limb from…