in the wake of kavanaugh

speaking up about sexual assualt

As a woman in America, the past weeks have been heavy and tiring. Some days, it feels like our own government, supposedly based in ideals of equality and opportunity for all, repeatedly tells specific groups of people that their basic rights, self-worth, and even survival do not matter. Governmental policies have shown blatant, even forceful…

Den Den Comparison Article

den den v. den den

comparing sister restaurants

There are two Den Dens within 0.5 miles of each other. These sister restaurants share great service and tasty, artfully presented food, but both have distinct personalities—evident through their food, decor, and more. Den Den Cafe Asiana The first time I went, I celebrated my first college Friendsgiving. Since then, I have returned countless times…

post scary

scary sentences

things you don’t wanna hear

~~It’s spooky time~~ Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo. Your instructor has released grade changes and new comments for Midterm 1. These changes are now viewable. I want to give back your essays one-on-one, in my office. Your midterm isn’t tomorrow; it was yesterday. Never gonna give you up. I really can’t stay….

Osborne article

too close for comfort

the 5(+1) people we met in our freshmen dorms

1) The Alarm Clock Every day exactly at 8:01 p.m., the boy would pass the common room lounge as he went to see his girlfriend. It became so routine that we would refer to him as the “Alarm Clock.” In fact, I no longer needed to check my cell phone for the time. Every Tuesday, as…



a walk through campus

The traffic lights at the intersection of Waterman and Brook change despite the empty streets on Saturday mornings, flashing red and green against the usually wet asphalt. Broken glass and crumpled beer cans catch in the gutters littered with fallen yellow leaves. In the quiet, a RIPTA bus announces that it is turning. A flock…