Greek Life At Brown (Linda Liu)

Sorority Shambles

My Greek Experience

There’s a reason why it took me a long time to tell this story, albeit still anonymously. I can’t help but think of the students who’d be naively charmed by the glammed-up sorority dorm interiors and the primped ladies. I know I was. When rushing, I would hear time and again that Brown’s Greek life…

Boiled Fish (Linda Liu)

Boiled Fish

An Investigation of Tradition

A fish boil is a styrofoam plate and plastic spork affair. The local travel site’s dining section calls it a “ must-see culinary event” and directs visitors to nine places to see, eat, and experience a fish boil. “What began as an economical way to feed large, hungry hoards of lumberjacks and fishermen has…

On Meditation (Seo Jung Shin)

Tidying Up

Furnishing Mental Rooms

What do you do when you wake up every morning? Hastily run to class? Check Instagram? I usually lament the fact that that my 9 a.m. starts in three minutes. Other answers are possible. A noteworthy answer is, look at a list of things you are grateful for. One Saturday morning, I had the pleasure…

Are You A Smoker (Diana Hong)

Providence is Not a Playground

Reflections on RIPTA

The bus driver jerks his arms right, guiding stubborn tires through the right turn from Memorial Boulevard on to Fulton Street. For a moment, everyone sways, fingers gently tightening against the metal rails. The half-hidden silhouettes of the Public Health Building and the Congdon Street Baptist Church slide behind us, quickly consumed by the towering…

Handwriting (Katie McLoughlin)

Calligraphic Characters

a listicle

The Tiny Notebook Person Tends to be shy and reserved, but is known for their creativity and artistic vision. Their writing is neat and easy to read, but can sometimes be so small that it strains the eyes of some readers. This is surprising, as many writers of this type wear glasses themselves. Notes, figures,…