Bad Art Caroline Hu

Dispelling Michelangelo

in defense of bad art

The artists I learned about in history class never stuck in my mind. I forgot their names along with the details of their most praised works. But what I do remember is that Michelangelo, the brilliant mind behind the famed David and Pietà, is known for being an asshole as much as he is known…

accepting radio silence Kira Widjaja 5

Radio Somewhere

Commemorating WBRU

“This place is a shithole!” yells Annie Clark, the face behind the indie/art rock icon that is St. Vincent. Clark is giving a concert in downtown Providence at the famed Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel, a spacious yet intimate venue on Washington Street. Clark, donning a dress of sequined silver and black flames, is perched up on…

imperfect summer color Caroline Hu 1 3

(Im)Perfect Summers

In defense for the experimental

An internship with The New York Times. A research program at MIT. A community service trip to Peru. In communities like Brown, there is an unspoken pressure to have a perfect, enlightening, sparkling summer experience. Yet sometimes, even if we follow the traditional path of an overachiever by getting a desk job or traveling the…

Ill Be Wearing Green Velvet Linda Liu 4

I’ll Be Wearing Green Velvet

some words on reinvention

It’s hanging in my closet now, nestled between T-shirts and button-downs, carving a category for itself. My Going Out Shirt. Shirts, if you count the other vaguely shimmery pieces on either side, the ones I wear to class and the library and, most often, while lounging in bed. It’s green, my Going Out Shirt, green…


All Summer in a Day

leaving loneliness behind in Madrid

Madrid wakes slowly on Sunday. I walk through the winding alleys near plaza mayor, smiling politely as I pass elderly couples exiting churches and groups of friends returning home from Saturday-night adventures. The midday sun throws us all into shadows of the old, marigold-colored buildings. I drag a finger along their warm walls and move…