cooking in dorms

how to feed yourself

The thought of college food brings absolute excitement to some, but a dull headache to others. I remember fretting over the regular vs. Flex meal plans the summer before my freshman year and finally choosing the latter. I chose to embrace the freedom of Flex, as I assumed I would eat out on Thayer Street….


notes from the noodle nook

four types of pho customers

I’m sweaty. It’s only been 20 minutes since my shift started, but I’ve already somehow managed to pour steaming hot broth onto my gloved hand instead of into the bowl. But now there’s no one to serve, and time seems to slow down in here, inching along at an unbearable pace. I sigh and gather…

Lessons Learned from Toddler Teachers


lessons learned from toddler teachers

“Mama! Mama! MAMA!” screams the two-year-old girl circling my legs, arms outstretched and face screwed up in the effort of crying. My hands are trembling slightly as I pull on purple gloves. I want to burst into tears like her and scream, “I AM NOT YOUR MOTHER!” But what little sanity I have left tells…


the rat lap

come for lunch rush, stay for run-ins

My first-ever Ratty meal, I forgot how to feed myself. The dining hall’s roundabout shape confused me; after half a round, I was already lost. Meanwhile, new floormates clustered: filling booths, picking at the salad bar in search of fries. I grabbed a fist-sized bowl, too small for dinner, and frantically filled it to the…

narrative birds and beats

the birds and the beats

muskrats, metallica, miscellanea

“I think I’m so educated and I’m so civilized ‘Cause I’m a strict vegetarian. But with the over-population and inflation and starvation And the crazy politicians I don’t feel safe in this world no more. I don’t want to die in a nuclear war. I want to sail away to a distant shore And make…