bad art

dark violet

sweetening memories

“hey, we’re living in a fucking incubator,” i say, deliriously battered by the summer haze; “but what does it matter?” picture us: top-floor apartment curtains closed shut tricking ourselves we have made the weather                                our subordinate. we                                       master manipulators twist and turn our glasses                          of artificial wildberries                          fermented                          then imported, our tongues                           an acquired…

jenice kim _fair weather friends

Fair Weather Friends

“I was being replaced”

I dipped my spoon in the purple dye, searching for my egg to check its hue before letting it sink back into the vinegar concoction. I attempted to pass the utensil to Emma, but she was still immersed in her phone, eyes glued to the screen as the seconds ticked by on yet another Snapchat…

Ode to My Oaf

Ode to My Oaf

On loving fully

You gallop toward me, tongue hanging sloppily out of your mouth, hair tousled by the harsh wind. With each stride you become more jubilant, beginning to zig-zag playfully through the gravelly sand. I laugh and follow you as you bound joyfully into the cold September air. You are faster than me, but you look back…

clarisse angkasa storyteller

The Storyteller

a fairy tale

You might have heard about me and how I saved a kingdom. How I volunteered to marry the king, a cruel, vicious man who would have killed me the morning after our wedding, as he had done to all his previous wives and as he planned to do to all of the women in the…

jenice kim spring night a half formed thing

Spring Nights

“a periwinkle that grounds me”

Spring nights beg oxymoron: a windchill waxing, disturbing the 80-degree heat. My skin transporting into summer as the dark sky whispers tender memories of winter. I cannot tell if the sky is cloudless or composed of one giant, incoming blue-gray thunderstorm. The wind blows tears into my eyes as Elliott Smith’s “Between the Bars” plays…