diana hong as the world watches 1

the world watches

our planet’s latest entertainment: the 2016 US Election.

I felt the pleasant buzz settle in as I finished off my bottle of wine. Swaying slowly in time with the music, my consciousness drifted among the sea of students celebrating the start of our mid-semester break. The dim lights illuminated my friend Sarah’s long, curly hair as she threw her head back and laughed…

julie benbassat color Reflection on 3 Years Past

growing up

reflections on three years passed

As my final year gets into gear, I have been pulled into a sense of nostalgia for the last three years. It’s true I have a quarter of my time here at Brown left to go, but it feels like this year is going faster than the previous three, and I don’t quite know how…

Julie Benbassat 22call me maybe22

So Call Me, Maybe

the double standard of communication and connection

Living in this era where technological innovations enable nearly constant, instantaneous communication is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, we have the unprecedented ability to connect with our friends and family the very instant the desire to do so strikes us. A quick text, a couple buttons pushed to place a call, a…

michelle ng home for the holidays april 27 2016

home for the holidays

these are only rumors of suffering

Drowsy memories of memories. Early mornings in my grandmother’s house; sunlight stippled on waving palm. The street vendor’s vowels coasting like drones in the air. Baloooooooot! A certain corner on 34th Street that smells densely of sweat and flowers and suddenly, without warning, the tropics. The Philippines. Sri Lanka. Whole countries pushing up through concrete…