Katie Cafaro soylent color april 27

message in a bottle

How the culture around Soylent obscures its potential

“What is Soylent?” asks the voice, as two friends on opposite ends of a picnic blanket drink, deep from plastic white bottles. “Soylent is food.” Well, kind of. The voice qualifies: “While not intended to replace every meal, Soylent can replace any meal …” The camera follows the bottle as it jumps between different scenes…

Katie cafaro carousel color april 27

spinning out

the unbridled immorality of carousel

Content warning: This piece discusses abusive behavior and mentions suicide. The whimsically titled “Carousel” at first seems to be a heartwarming romp of a love story, as young men and women seek innocent fun at the fair. Yet a dark side to the patriarchal power dynamics of the play is quickly revealed—a dark side that…

Stephanie Zhou some kind of falling april 20 color

some kind of falling

a tourist’s history of cuzco

He flew over the Andes, over the homes pouring smoke like warmed milk, over the children who waved up at him, the owl. The flying owl, his face like a clean dish, pierced secrets and encouraged silence in his people. Ayar Awka, who was now an owl, had left his brother at home because he…

katie cafaro mr burns simpsons play color

this apocalypse, think “simpsons,” not zombies

salvation in springfield?

“Mr. Burns, a post-electric play” crafts a reality that is both welcoming and challenging as it follows a group of apocalypse survivors as they attempt to entertain and distract themselves by retelling episodes of “The Simpsons.” We see the story morph as the show’s setting jumps from ground zero in Act I to seven years…

stephanie zhou the game of language spring weekend

the game of language

on learning not to know

My worst fear in Spain starts with someone walking up to me on the street. It doesn’t have to be at night, or on an empty street, or anything like that. I can be walking to class on the brightest, most spectacular Granada morning, but if I see someone coming towards me, I brace myself…