emma marguiles cheerleading spring weekend

blood, sweat, and cheer

confessions and reflections of a brown cheerleader

When I tell people I’m a cheerleader, I’m often greeted with wide eyes, an amused smile, and a question about whether I embody one or more of the characteristics associated with the cheerleader stereotype. Before I write this article, let me make clear that no, neither I nor my teammates are Tina Hammersmith from “Bring…

emily reif structural memories march 23 2016 color

Structural Memories

A Farm Written Through its Buildings

Mill Burn all barns and mills and their contents, salve and drive off all stock in the region, which is difficult in a Virginia town built from stone.* The miller, when he discovered his business would be the spoils of war, offered the Union soldiers a meal, but after they had eaten his bribe and wiped…

katie cafaro sound of music color march 23 2016

the sound of music and cabaret

escaping nazi europe onstage

This article contains spoilers for “The Sound of Music” and “Cabaret.” The Kit Kat Club is raucous onstage. Clothing is scant and tight-fitting, and the décor is seedy and gaudy; the audience is entranced and a little uncomfortable. The host, the Emcee, delights in this. The protagonist, a young American novelist, is entranced and uncomfortable as…

katie cafaro buddha of suburbia color

of gurus and gossip

the buddha of suburbia

I first stumbled upon Hanif Kureishi’s 1990 novel “The Buddha of Suburbia” in a jumbled cardboard box stuffed with novels that belonged to my father. The book itself was dog-eared; its spine was wilting yellowing pages. But it boasts a riotous storyline that bursts with life: pompous theatre directors and interior designers whose craft is…

Ruth Han drunk editor color march 16 2016

post- happy hour

i love friends

Ernest Hemingway famously said: “Write drunk; edit sober.” This semester, Post-‘s staff is taking Hemingway’s advice to heart—or at least half of it. We’re bringing back a Post- tradition: Post- Happy Hour. Every so often, a member of Post-‘s staff will sit down with a drink (or two, or ten…) and respond to a prompt…