mary oconnor wasted words march 9 2016

wasted words

viola davis, #OscarsSoWhite, and the new stories hollywood needs

Just how much of an impact can Viola Davis leave in a single scene? In just 11 minutes of screentime in the 2008 film “Doubt,” she gave an answer: enough to be nominated for an Academy Award. Portraying the mother of a African-American boy being preyed upon by a gregarious priest (Philip Seymour Hoffman), Davis…

katie cafaro lgbt oscars color march 2 2016

can you queer me now?

lgbt representation at the oscars

The Academy Awards work in strange and unjust ways. The award ceremony’s continuing whiteness—the 20 nominees for acting don’t include a single person of color for the second year in a row—has sparked both a hashtag and a conversation about diversity in media. It’s long been known that the Oscars have a gender bias as…

katie cafaro barcelona color nov 11 2015

coastal city lullaby

barcelona, spain

After I didn’t quite get run over by a moped—well, Buenas noches to you too, Barcelona—now, where was I? On the fringe of the Plaça de Catalunya, wasn’t it? Where the street-grid is tortured into a disjointed delirium of alleyways. Where basketballs fly out of the dark. Buenas noches, pick-up game players. And Buenas noches eight-year-olds,…

Jenice Kim google search, color version (nov 2 2015)

google search

the quest for life’s answers

A sad fact of life is that we will inevitably both get hurt by and hurt someone who close to us. It’s unavoidable; the Fates have woven this truth into our lives, and our tea leaves will always foretell this and other fuck-ups in our futures. Hurting a friend is especially brutal because intimacy removes…

katie cafaro german study abroad castles nov 4 2015

the ruins at dawn

blaubeuren, germany

Blaubeuren is one of those pockets in Germany from which the magic hasn’t yet trickled out. This is still the Germany of the Brüder Grimm, the Brothers Grimm. You never know what might pop out of a well here: a frog prince, a witch with three wishes, a nixie. Something sacred throbs from Blaubeuren’s spring….