overheard at brown


“Cruciferous vegetables smell exactly how they sound.”       “Are we saying that vegans are humans?”       “It’s like the NJ speed limit, no one can get a bad grade.”  

Overheard@Brown 3/16

“That’s my favorite joke about friction.”   “If at first you don’t succeed… dig a hole and cry… because you’ll never be good enough.”   “I think I like Trident gum, but I’ll always be a Hubba Bubba Boi.”


“My first thought when I woke up naked after sex: My internship applications!” “I’m closer to my roommate’s girlfriend than to my roommate.” “I hold a patent on a wind turbine I designed with my identical twin.”

Overhead at Brown 3/2

“My stomach is the most enduring part of my body” “My favorite thing to microwave is absurdism” “Jos is such a cheap date”

Overheard at Brown 2/16

“My existence is a social blunder.” “My pussy ain’t a balanced diet, my friends.”