top ten

Top Ten Joshes

Just Joshin’ The Josh from Drake and Josh Josh Peck Josh Wartel Joshua Lu Josh Groban Joshua from the Bible Josh Hutcherson Josh Dun (of Twenty One Pilots) Josh UnDun

Top Ten Scariest Songs

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” “Can’t Be Tamed” Anything sung by Scary Spice “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” “Monster Mash” You singing in the shower Alicia DeVos singing in the shower “Boyfriend” (the Bieber one) “I’m Yours” The Scooby Doo Theme Song

Top Ten Reasons to be Cranky

Your ramen noodles are a little too soggy. You are a crank inside a combustion engine. You are stuck behind slow walkers when you are late to class. There is a stain on the shirt you want to wear. Angela, the interviewer for your dream job, cancels your interview. This has absolutely nothing to do…

Top 10 thoughts when it’s snowing

It’s snowing I need to show everyone I know on every single social media platform that it’s snowing OH GOSH I’M FALLI–just kidding I’m good *blinks furiously as snow flecks fly directly into eyes* My socks are squishy. I want to scream. So this is Trump’s America. Just more white oppression These touchscreen gloves are…

Top 10 ways to stay warm this winter

Transfer Crank the heat in the dorms (benefits of included utilities amirite?) Participate in cuffing season Write a fire essay #finals Leave your oven on Standing under the above-ground bomb shelters outside BioMed Invite your smokin’ crush over for a sauna party in your sleeping bag Cook in a small kitchen Take up residence in…