Alice Cao

alice cao morbid antomy museum nov 112015

in bluebeard’s castle

wandering brooklyn’s morbid anatomy museum

A white mouse in a Shakespearean doublet welcomes me in. His tunic is neatly ironed, thanks to the long-ago taxidermist who also posed him with a butler’s bearing and a hand-lettered Welcome sign. His glass-eyed gaze points me to the register. For a bargain three-buck student entry fee, I am free to wander wherever I…

Shiliang alice cao life growing up in a single parent household October 12 2015

warriors and claveles

my latinx family

How many times have you heard something along the lines of one parent being both parents? If you’ve never heard something similar, here is your first—my mom was both my mom and dad. Stage 1 – Denial: Before entering middle school, I never felt the need to say such a phrase—my mom was just that:…

tribes in transition, SHiliang (alice ) cao, october 7 2015


pursuing justice through art

If you want to see art at Brown, your first thought is probably not to visit the second floor of the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs. This spot contains a plethora of doors leading into various offices, and if you did not know there was an art exhibit there, you could easily miss…

alice cao, how we see our own beauty, september 22

mirror, mirror

stop looking at me!

I have, on innumerable occasions, had friends tell me they did not think they were beautiful, or not beautiful enough. They wanted to eat less and exercise more. They were jealous of others’ appearances, and the life afforded by a lovely face. They thought that their relationships would be better if their partners found them…