Caroline Hu

My Favorite Color (Caroline Hu)

Unpacking Orange

Fire and Pepper

“There is no orange without blue,” said Vincent van Gogh. Arches National Park has stacked orange rocks against a sky so deeply blue it seems the color has been pasted on. These rocks make sweet-potato gateways that flicker from peach-pit orange to the inside of a summer-sunburst tomato. A stripe of steamed mussel gives way…

Bad Art Caroline Hu

Dispelling Michelangelo

in defense of bad art

The artists I learned about in history class never stuck in my mind. I forgot their names along with the details of their most praised works. But what I do remember is that Michelangelo, the brilliant mind behind the famed David and Pietà, is known for being an asshole as much as he is known…

imperfect summer color Caroline Hu 1 3

(Im)Perfect Summers

In defense for the experimental

An internship with The New York Times. A research program at MIT. A community service trip to Peru. In communities like Brown, there is an unspoken pressure to have a perfect, enlightening, sparkling summer experience. Yet sometimes, even if we follow the traditional path of an overachiever by getting a desk job or traveling the…