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your guide to winning mvp of spring weekend

You wake up with a blistering headache. It’s Saturday of Spring Weekend 2015, and you’ve overdone yourself. You need a pick-me-up before the day’s festivities begin. Pusha T is coming on in less than three hours! Get yourself together! The line at Bagel Gourmet is sure to be out the door, and last time you…

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la vie d’un routard

fifteen years on the road

At age 20, Youenn Kervennic, look a Senior Lecturer in the Brown French department, recipe did not know what he wanted to do. “I knew what I did not want to do,” he tells me, chuckling. “There were a lot of jobs I did not want to do for the rest of my life.” In…

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on the side: trashed

thoughts on what we leave lying out

The other day, while doing laundry, I caught myself scraping dryer lint into a recycling bin. You can’t recycle dryer lint, of course. It’s not recyclable. It’s as absurd as recycling the dust that sticks to the skin of a belly button. I know that. Yet, I almost recycled it. Since there was no trash…


valentine revisted

romance reconsidered

Editor’s note: One year ago, Gabrielle wrote a feature for the Valentine’s Day issue of our magazine on her experience with love (check out “Carefully” from February 12, 2014). One year later, she provides a follow-up article reconsidering and expanding upon her previous remarks, and detailing the way that new experiences have shaped her views….