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Tu si Puedes

Tu sí Puedes

(un)safe on the streets

Before I came to Brown, my dad taught me how to flip a grown man over my shoulder. He’s an advanced black belt in Karate and taught me how to properly throw a punch before I was ten, and how to do a solid kick when I was in my teens. But, as I accepted…

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How to stop feeling pure and innocent

I was lying in bed, naked, with a 33-year-old man sobbing into my chest.   In all likelihood, I would never be able to get this moment out of my head. It would come back to me so many times in the future, as frequently as I used to imagine my first sexual experience. The…

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when a stranger calls

a simpler time raises goosebumps in netflix’s stranger things

The 80s have never truly left the American pop culture bloodstream. The period echoes everywhere from denim cuts to synth undercurrents in Top 40 songs. So in July, when Netflix dropped sci-fi horror phenomenon Stranger Things, a TV series set in 1983, it presented a world steeped in a recent past familiar even to those…