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shaking those post-finale blues

So you’ve just finished a book that shattered your heart and destroyed your soul. You’re still reeling from the plot twists, worried about the characters that the author has left in dire straits, and aghast because you have to wait another twelve months before the next book comes out. All you want to do is…

clarisse angkasa kids movies for adults

Kid’s Movies for Adults

thoughts on the animation renaissance

When I began high school, moving from a day school to boarding school far away from home, I started watching cartoons again. It wasn’t even of my own accord. Immune to embarrassment (which I was not), my new friends would often get together and watch the children’s show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and…

clarisse angkasa do you hate yourself oct 5 2016

do you?

a young woman’s lament

Do you? Do you love walnut pie, even though you’re allergic to walnuts and eating them gives you a terrible headache? Do you watch films and decide they’re stupid because you understood and enjoyed them? Do you blow off plans with people because they’re lame enough to have time for you? Do you decide that…

clarisse angkasa authors experience living in san francisco sep 21

California Dreaming

finding a new home on the west coast

I wasn’t ready yet. I told myself that I would not fall in love again so soon. But as I stood at the top of Battery Spencer, surrounded by the vast blueness of the sky and the water engulfing the land of San Francisco, there was no denying it. Compared to the immenseness I was…

harry potter and the seven genres sep 14 2016 clarisse angkasa

harry potter and the seven genres:

how each book fits into a class of its own

With Harry Potter and the Cursed Child hitting both bookshelves and London’s Palace Theatre this summer, Pottermania has reached peaks not seen since the release of the final film back in 2011. Luckily for a complete geek like me, who modeled his first pair of glasses in second grade after his favorite boy wizard, all…