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clarisse angkasa congestion of the brain apil 27 2016

a congestion of the brain

fighting information overload

Is there a limit to the amount of information we can mentally process in a day? Is there a limit to how efficient we can make menial tasks to save time? Might we someday become as efficient as it is possible to be, the J curve of human progress ending at a fixed point? These…

clarisse angkasa lights camera magic magic lantern cinema spring weekend edition

lights, cameras, magic

a q&a with seth watter and beth capper, co-organizers of the magic lantern cinema

For readers who don’t know about Magic Lantern Cinema, could you give a brief overview? SW: Magic Lantern began as an idea in the mind of Ben Russell, who has gone on to become an internationally exhibited filmmaker. Together with Carrie Collier, a screenprinter and filmmaker, he launched Magic Lantern as a screening series in…

clarisse angkasa tinashe spring weekend


on blunts, dicks, and the greatest performer today

If you’ve been to a party in the last 15 months or so, you’ve probably heard “2 On” and, by extension, Tinashe’s lovely voice as she sings about—what, exactly? What does it mean to get 2 on? It’s a question that you don’t really think about when you’re at the party, but instead when you…

clarisse angkasa home is where the heart is blurbs march 23 2016

all rhodes lead to providence

editors on home

Someone, at some point, apparently, said “Home is where the heart is.” This week, we asked Post- editors about their homes. Whether you’ll be spending your spring break at home, Brown, or elsewhere, we hope you have a relaxing and warm few days, and we’ll see you in two weeks! –Monica Chin, managing editor of…

return of indie

return of the indies

a visit to providence’s books on the square

As a bookworm growing up in Evanston, Illinois, my favorite store to visit was an obscure hole-in-the-wall called Bookman’s Alley. True to its name, it was located in an alleyway between Panera Bread and Saville Flowers. You had to follow the creaking wooden sign with a hand pointing down the alleyway to reach the entrance….