clarisse angkasa

clarisse angkasa a little book of mindfulness march 9 2016

the little book of mindfulness

a guide to redefining what it means to live

What is mindfulness? You’ve probably seen that word mentioned casually in various articles, self-help books, or passing conversations. If you haven’t, that’s all right too. There’s never a right or wrong time for mindfulness; it’s an ongoing lifestyle choice that you can adopt whenever you feel is right. Back to that first question. Mindfulness. What…

clarisse angkasa oscars blurbs feb 24 2016

best picture speculations

post- staff discusses this year’s academy award-nominated films

THE BIG SHORT We’ve all seen dramas about big moments in history; half of this year’s Best Picture nominees tell us some version of a true story. These films make for compelling Oscar fare. “The Big Short”, though, is unique in that it tells us not about an episode we, as an American audience, heard…

clarisse angkasa hating valentines day

roses and thorns

remembering valentine’s day

Let me begin with the absolute worst of clichés: I hate Valentine’s Day. Freshman year, I thought my boyfriend (we’ll call him Max) was really cool. It turns out that he wasn’t (sorry), but the sort of unadulterated adoration that led to this conclusion was emblematic of the stage of infatuation we were at when…

clarisse angkasa portrait of small town feb 10 2016

small towns

rewriting the past

Rhode Islanders live in microcosms of quiet, marine, farm, and urban communities that remain isolated from one another despite the closeness and intimacy of our tiny state. North Kingstown, Rhode Island, is my microcosm. The beach is a five-minute walk from my house, my closest friends are one elementary school bus stop away, and marinas…