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Conversations with Myself

55 Days and Counting

[1] a couple minutes to 5 a.m. you find yourself staring blankly at your laptop screen. 55 days and counting. you can count the number of times you’ve called home singlehandedly. you haven’t spent enough time with snippets and trickles of thoughts in your head. you hang out with them wrapped around your neck, hovering…

Are You A Smoker (Diana Hong)

Providence is Not a Playground

Reflections on RIPTA

The bus driver jerks his arms right, guiding stubborn tires through the right turn from Memorial Boulevard on to Fulton Street. For a moment, everyone sways, fingers gently tightening against the metal rails. The half-hidden silhouettes of the Public Health Building and the Congdon Street Baptist Church slide behind us, quickly consumed by the towering…

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Imagined Futures

a Fringe fan reflects

  Imagine the impossibilities, it begins. Then, depicting assured annihilation, it urges, Fight for the future. Welcome to Fringe, the TV show that I was once mildly obsessed with. (You know it’s mild when you’re still relatively coherent about it. For a counterexample, see past history re: Affleck, Ben.) Over its five seasons, Fringe explores…

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A critique of modern-day heroines

And why their love stories aren’t “relationship goals”

Fifty Shades Darker, the much-anticipated sequel to the supposedly titillating erotic film Fifty Shades of Grey, came out on February 10th, and some people could not have been more excited. I’m going to be honest and say that I, too, was excited to watch it—but more out of curiosity similar to one experienced when driving…

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the world watches

our planet’s latest entertainment: the 2016 US Election.

I felt the pleasant buzz settle in as I finished off my bottle of wine. Swaying slowly in time with the music, my consciousness drifted among the sea of students celebrating the start of our mid-semester break. The dim lights illuminated my friend Sarah’s long, curly hair as she threw her head back and laughed…